Can't stand noise - CD-reissue (1994)



Format Catalog info Country of origin
CD EMI 8 32499 2 The Netherlands
CD In - akustik Inak 1730-2 Germany
CD In - akusik Inak 11001 Germany (edition 2000)
CD FFCD 08000105 Russia (COUNTERFEIT 1999)

Click here for information about the regular issue of "Can't Stand Noise", released in 1983.

Click here for information about the reissue of "Can't Stand Noise", released in 1986.

There are some differences between the 'original' German CD and the "edition 2000" CD. The new 2000 edition has a sticker attached on the CD case, while the booklet has staples, instead of the fold-out insert that goes with both the German original CD and the Dutch EMI CD. The German CDs have the "Inak"-logo placed on the front-cover in the above-right corner.

Soundwise, both German CDs are recommended over the EMI CD, as the EMI-pressing sounds very dull and soft-mastered. The German CDs have more clarity and definition in the sound.

The song "Who Knows" has been omitted from the original LP version on CBS records for these CD-reissues. In addition, four tracks recorded at the Agora Theater in Lelystad (The Netherlands) have been added, recorded during the Puccini's Café tour in 1993.

NOTE: The Russian counterfeit that was supposedly released in 1999 doesn't have the extensive liner notes, but does have a lot of printing errors on the simple inlay.


1. PIETONS (7'57)
4. JOURNEY (A Real Elegant Gypsy) (4'29)
6. JUST BECAUSE (5'35)
BONUS tracks:
7. CRACKERS (9'36)
9. PRIMA DONNA (5'17)


Line-up - Tracks 1 - 6  
Jan Akkerman Acoustic, electric and synthesizer-guitars, bass, percussion
Marc van de Geer

Acoustic piano on "EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE"

  Fender Rhodes on "HEAVY TREASURE" and "JUST BECAUSE"
  Jupiter 8 on "BACK TO THE FACTORY" (programmed by Jan Akkerman, thanks for the gong)
Dino Walcott Bass on "HEAVY TREASURE" and "JUST BECAUSE"
Hans Waterman Drums on "HEAVY TREASURE" and "JUST BECAUSE"
Line-up - Tracks 7 - 10  
Jan Akkerman Guitars
Ton Dijkman Drums
Lesley Joseph Bassguitar
Willem Swikker Keyboards


All songs by Jan Akkerman, except "JOURNEY (A Real Elegant Gypsy)" by George Flynn and "EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE" -traditional
Tracks 1-6: Recorded and mixed in beautiful summer of 1983 in Spitsbergen Studio at Zuidbroek Holland
Engineered by Theo Balijon
Tracks 7-10 : Recorded live 1993, Agora Theater, Lelystad
Mastering: Harmonia Mundi acustica, BW 102 / Penguin
Speakers : Magnat
Interconnecting & speaker cables : Monitor
Photo: Foto Studio Fiebak, Leer, Germany
Cover-design: Michael Behr
Jan Akkerman plays guitars made by Anno Galema
Equipment by Gigs support, Leeuwarden, Holland
Director: Piet Scheenstra
All Jan Akkerman songs published by LMMBV, Live Music Management
Thanks to Roland Benelux for their fantastic support, especially Mr. Keersemaekers
© 1994 in-akustik GmbH - licensed exclusive to EMI Music Holland BV