It could happen to you - reissue (1985)



Format Catalog info Country of origin
LP Charly United Kingdom

Click here for information about the original LP of "It Could Happen To You", released in 1982.

Click here for information about the LP reissue of "It Could Happen To You", released in 1988.

This was a UK only release and featured a great picture of Jan playing the 'Akkeraxe' (which was a Roland GR500 Strat style synth guitar) before he decided to modify it by cutting the headstock in half and taking it to a BMW garage for a respray.

Side one: Side two:
1. OLD TENNIS SHOES (11'30) 1. FUNKOLOGY (11'50)
2. COME CLOSER (7'50) a. Baby Start
  b. One Way
  c. Free
  2. IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU (Free Together) (5'25)


Jan Akkerman Acoustic, Electric, synthesizerguitars
Kenneth Knudsen Keyboards
Pablo Nahar Bass on "Baby Start"
Ole Theil Drums


Produced by Jan Akkerman
Engineered by Jørgen Knub
Recorded and mixed : March / April 1982 in Werner Studio and Easy Sound Studio Copenhagen
Management by Starmanagement, P.O. Box 15, 9540 AA Vlagtwedde, Holland
Personal Management : Willen Göebel
Thanks to Musikhuset Aaage Jensen Copenhagen, Søe & Høyem, Copenhagen and Spitsbergen Studio Zuidbroek Holland