From the basement (1984)



Format Catalog info Country of origin
LP CBS 26094 The Netherlands
MC CBS 40 26094 The Netherlands

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Side one: Side two:
1. HEADBANGER (6'26)

1. WALLENBERG (dedicated to Raoul Wallenberg) (6'08)

3. DARK ROSE (2'52) 3. P.C.B. CHICKEN (6'34)
  4. STATUS QUO (2'35)


Jan Akkerman

Roland GR-300 Strat, modified with a single-coil Gibson Overland element

  Linndrum programming
  Roland Dimension D (used on "Dark Rose", "From the Basement" and "P.C.B. Chicken")
  Vocals on "Dark Rose", "Wallenberg" and "P.C.B. Chicken"
  Kitty Hawk Supreme amplifiers, Electro Voice speakers, Urei monitors
Dino Walcott Bassguitar on "All Along the Watchtower", "Dark Rose" and "Status Quo"
  Harmonica on "Status Quo"
  Vocals on "All Along the Watchtower" and "Status Quo"
Hans Waterman Drums on "All Along the Watchtower"
Piet Eisma Percussion on "All Along the Watchtower", "Dark Rose" and "Status Quo"
Sergio Castillo Simmonds electronic drums on "Headbanger", "Wallenberg" and "From the Basement"
Thijs van Leer 2nd synthesizer on "Headbanger"
Minne Hoekstra Lights
Wim v.d. Molen Monitors
Arjen Kamminga Backline & drums
Theo Balijon Sound engineer & supervisor


Recorded at the Spitsbergen Studios - Zuidbroek - Holland, April 1984
Produced by Jan Akkerman for CBS
Engineered and supervised by Theo Balijon
Mixdown by Theo Balijon ("Headbanger", "Wallenberg", "From the Basement" and "Status Quo") and Jan Akkerman ("All Along the Watchtower", "Dark Rose" and "Status Quo")
Special tranks to : Mr. Keersemaekers from Roland Corp. Belgium for never failing to see my technical musical needs fulfilled, Kitty Hawk for beautiful Guitar Amps (Supreme), Ton Nijland for giving me the right advises, Spitsbergen Studios for great food & support in case of headbanging, mr. D. Peeperkom for legal affairs, Piet Scheenstra for being a friend
Bert Bazuin (photography etc.), Heiman Alberda, Bills Bykes : Syb Rybma, Sneek
Design : Harry van Zijl
Met dank aan het Bolwerk Sneek
Thank you very Dutch
© 1984 CBS Grammofoonplaten B.V.