Oor Februari 2004




Groovy swing
Jan Akkerman is still going strong. At present he’s 57 years old and still no sign of wear and tear. He’s fully interested in present-day developments in music (what a difference to his former Focus-colleague Thijs van Leer), has just released his first live-DVD and is doing a C.U.-promotion tour. During his long career this in the wool dyed guitarist (from Johnny & his Cellar Rockers via Brainbox to Focus and his latest cooperation with Soulvation) never liked to be stigmatized and therefore this cd doesn’t come as a complete surprise. In 2001 Jeroen Rietbergen, who currently is the keyboard player in the Akkerman Band, and dj/labelboss/remixer Ronald Molendijk founded the successful band Soulvation. Cooperation with Soulvation via Rietbergen seems a logical step for someone without blinkers like Akkerman. Assisted by bass player Wilbrand Meischke (Akkerman Band) and producer/drummer Michel van Schie (Soulvation) the duo Rietbergen/Molendijk forms a swinging, strong rhythmic basis on which the best Dutch guitarist can live his life to the fullest. The combination of swinging keys with the virtuous runs of Akkerman works relaxing, in the ballad Cottonbay one could get carried away easily. This completely instrumental cd is ideal to listen to over a glass of wine in the late hours of the evening

Translated by Irene Heinicke