News 2002


On 4 December Jan did a tv session with Eric Corton for the Dutch RTL 4 tv music programme Vrienden van Amstel Live.

The venue is: Café XL, Riemsdijkstraat 6, 6701 BC Wageningen, Tel: 0317-418717

In Jan's Dutch theatre tour at the 'Maaspoort' in Venlo a guest musician was playing the keyboard.

It was Nico van der Linden, a cousin of drummer Pierre van der Linden (who was also in Jan's former bands Cellar Rockers, Brainbox and Focus).

Op zaterdag 21 september j.l. zijn er door Veronica opnames gemaakt van Jan op de Vintage-gitarenbeurs in Veenendaal.

Uitzending vond plaats op 30 september en 3 oktober j.l. om 22.00 uur op het kabelkanaal van Kindernet/Veronica.


On the Autumn UK Tour, keyboard player Coen Molenaar will once again join the Jan Akkerman Band. He plays in the bands of Dutch singers Deborah Carter, Edsilia Rombley and Lilian Jackson.

Jan entered the top 500 of the poll by a UK magazine called "Record Collector".

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  • Sunday 4 - 8 - 2002
  • Vondelpark Amsterdam
  • Open air concert
  • Jan and his band
  • Admission free
  • at 16.15 hour

  • On 11 June Jan appeared on Dutch Radio2.

    In the evening programme called 'Theater van het Sentiment' (Theatre of sentiments) he told about his former band Johnny and his Cellar Rockers and their first hit called 'Melody in F Rock'.
    This record was played after the interview with Jan.

    • On 27 June Jan was again on Dutch Radio2.

      This time it was in the afternoon programme ''. Over the phone he told about the kind of music he was going to play at the Rembrandt Concert in Leiden and about his admiration for the paintings of Rembrandt, the famous 17th century Dutch painter.

    • On 3 August Jan was on Dutch Radio 2 once more.

      This time in the programme 'Smaakmakers'. From 20.45-22.15 hrs. Jan told about his own favourite music and his past. His personal choice of records was played too. He also talked about the new "Firenze guitar", about ordinary life and what keeps him going. He told that he's working real hard on the new cd and announced the release of a live concert dvd in due time.

    • DJ Mark Deren plays al lot of old and new Jan Akkerman music in his weekly radioshow MARK FROM HOLLAND.

    Jan on TV with Fish & the Kast