Gretsch White Falcon



White Falcon

This is the famous photo they talked about with (Dutch guitarist) Eddy Cristiani (with the spectacles) in the radio interview after the Gala of the Harps; he gave it to me afterwards.
It was taken during one of the first hi-fi shows in Holland for the Dynacord company, they’d already developed a 4-way sound system and I’d just obtained my Gretsch “White Falcon”, not shown on this picture yet.
Eddy and I were the first guitarists who had a Gretsch, his was a dark brown “Country Gentleman”.
The photo was made at the Kerkelanden industrial terrain in Hilversum, Holland. I think it was around the year 1961 or 62.

I’ve always been a fan of Eddy (the Dutch E.C.), he’s 86 years old now and still plays at senior homes all over The Netherlands.
What a fine chap and a great human being he is, I’ve learned a lot from him, he always stayed a gentleman.
An homage to Eddy.

Jan Akkerman.

Jan on his White Falcon in his days with The Hunters

Translation: Irene Heinicke