Jan's first band ever.

1957 - 1961


The line-up was: Jan Akkerman (guitar / bass), Wim Hoekstra (guitar), Moos Polak (drums), Willem ter Brugge (saxophone), Cor Engelsma (bass), Piet Steeman (vocals) and Jan ter Brugge (piano).
There were some recordings made, but they sadly got lost.

The Friendship Sextet in 1957 at the local Amsterdam Jordaan Cabaret

Left to right: Wim Hoekstra (guitar), Piet Steeman (vocals), Moos 'Biggie' Polak (drums), youngest (11) bandmember Jan Akkerman (guitar), Willem ter Brugge (sax)


On stage in Haarlem ('57) left to right: Piet, Jan, Moos (not visible) and Willem.


A real professional business card.


Little Jan and his big Höffner guitar
and Willem on sax.


The Friendship Sextet in 1958 at a Polydor record company contest.
Left to right: Willem, Jan (playing the starbass he cut out of a table-top),
Moos, Piet and Wim.


3 members of the Friendship Sextet in action: Jan, Cor and Wim.

(Photo's from Jan Akkerman's and Wim Hoekstra's private archives)


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