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These are the luckiest celebrities. They are the most blessed celebs from a list of over 3,500 celebrities. They are Yangs.

Bill Clinton Aug 19, 1946 is about as good as it gets astrologically
Bill was reared poorly without a father, so the Monica affair proves Bill is human
it's often found that strong Yangs like Bill lack good parental support
Gary Lewis leader of Gary Lewis & the Playboys 1964-1968; also with top DOB: Jul 31, 1946
Gene Simmons rock group Kiss frontman
Deborah Gibson 1980s pop singer
Jan Akkerman Focus guitar god "Hocus Pocus"
Jeff Foxworthy superb comedian
William Holden actor
Bob Costas commentator; savvy Jeapardy player
Gen Norman a "true" leader of the free world;
General Norman Schwarzkopf brains & brawn behind Desert Storm victory; other noble credits; would make a great President!
Jeff Christie Singer/Composer "Yellow River" - Christie, 1969
Larry Ramos Jr. guitarist/singer: The Association; this guy did as much in the music field as most musicians only dream
Wes Farrell song Writer; producer; agent
George Hamilton IV debonaire country performer ..not to be confused with the plain George Hamilton
Tony Newman fine high-quality vocalist, one of the best ie "Smile A Little Smile For Me"
Phil Hendrie incredibly superb entertainer; comic extraordinaire
Pat Sajak talk show host, one of the best at it, despite show's cancellation
Ron Dante superb 60s singer; amazing voice; song writer
Ravishing Rick Rude extremely talented, entertaining WWF wrestler
Hugh O' Brian dignified actor
Conan O'Brien talk show host of the best
Joan Rivers comedienne: funniest lady ever "Can We Talk?"
Bobby Russell creative, uplifting song writer: "Saturday Morning Confusion" & "Pike Circle Hero", "Honey", "Sure Gonna Miss Her" ...
Don Imus seasoned radio talk show host funny man
John Densmore Doors drummer - able to stomach Mr. MojoRisin (Jim Morison anagram)
Larry Evoy Singer/Drummer/Frontman of Edward Bear ("You, Me & Mexico")
Don Rich Telecaster wiz "Buckaroo" classic 60s instrumental hit
Rowdy Roddy Piper entertaining wrestler "Mr. Mouth"
Derek Sanderson One of Hockey's all-around greatest players and a true Yang.
Terence Hill classic spaghetti-western comic protagonist
Joe South superb song writer: "Rose Garden"
"Walk A Mile In My Shoes" "Games People Play" .. also coined the phrase: "read your horoscope and cheat your fate"
Glen Campbell guitar player elite!
Tom Jones top-notch DYNAMIC singer
Melanie Safka song writer: "Brand New Key" "What Have They.."
Christopher Lowell dashing "look of elegance" aka "Mr. Aesthetics", "fabricize king" host of "Interior Motives" currently on the Discovery Channel, now "Christopher Lowell Show"
Alan Osmond songwriter; guitarist; Osmonds frontman; "Crazy Horses"
Alex Trebek smart Jeapardy game show host
Phyllis Diller comedienne
Honky Tonk Man WWF entertainer
Lefty Frizzell talented 60s singer/song writer "Saginaw Michigan"
George Stephanopoulos former Clinton Aid
Don Marshall actor; Dan on "Land of the Giants"
Gary Conway actor; Steve on "Land of the Giants"
Max Baer Jr. good actor in second half of Beverly Hillbillies series: Jethro Bodine
Gary Raymond actor "The Rat Patrol"
Gary Puckett singer "Lady Willpower"
Billy Gibbons ZZ Top guitarist (one of Jimmy Hendrix' favs)
Bob Welch guitarist; songwriter "Sentimental Lady"
Hank Williams Jr. song writer
Bruce Dickinson Iron Maiden frontman "Run To The Hills" ...
Gilbert O' Sullivan song writer "Alone Again" "Get Down" ...
Walter Brennan splendid actor "The McCoys"
Rick Evans song writer
Denny Zager song writer
Deana Carter song writer "Would I Shave My Legs For Him"
Lindsay Wagner actress "Bionic Woman"
Jerry Reed song writer; guitarist "When You're Hot" "Another Puff" ..
Gene Tracy a true comic legend; superb entertainer and afterdinner speaker;
Robyn Williams king of stand-up comedians
Mark Russell excellent pollitical satirist; pianist
Richard Thomas great actor: John Boy "The Waltons"
Scott Bam Bam Bigelow WWF wrestler; nice guy too
Shawn Michaels talented WWF wrestler
Fred Norris smart Howard Stern Show sidekick
Bret Hart Talented WWF wrestler "The Hitman"
John Kay song writer; guitarist; Steppenwolf frontman
Rodney Dangerfield standup comedian
John Ritter superb funnyman actor Jack Tripper "Three's Company"
Jack Ryland good singer; Three Dog Night
Danny Hutton good singer; Three Dog Night
Mike Douglas song writer; "Men in My Little Girl's Life"
Bobby Sherman singer; paramedic
Mike Nesmith song writer; guitarist; singer "Silver Moon"
Eugene Levy SCTV frontman; best cast member
Strom Therman persevering Democrat
Leapy Lee song writer; singer "Little Arrows"
Roger Miller extraordinarily talented lighthearted song writer
"Walking In The Sunshine" "Open Your Heart" ..
Michael Palin best Monty Python cast member
Robert Klein standup comedian
Jimmie Walker standup comedian; actor JJ on "Good Times"
Charlie Chase Cool, calm, collected talk-show host
Scott Jacoby one of the best actors ever
Dave Madden excellent actor "Rubin Kincaide"
Sean Connery 007 actor; man of the century
Soupy Sales good actor
Norman Fell excellent actor
Bill Bradley bright Democratic Presidential candidate

These celebs are among the best celebrities of all in many ways. Sure all of these privileged celebrities have had misfortunes and problems, afterall they are all human; but pit all the positives against the negatives and they fare better than most celebrities.

You may say, "some of these celebs are not lucky because they suffered at tragic death."
But, in the first place, aren't most deaths tragic? Secondly, a lot or people regard that Yang celebrities that die young like Rick Rude is sad, but then where's your proof that the after-life is worse than this life?
Also all Yang celebrities do more good and exert more stunning talent in their short lifeftime than strong Yins celebrities like Woody Allen can probably muster in two lifetimes!
Thirdly, these celebrities are Yangs and exert tremendous yang qualities. These Yangs are some the most moral celebrities; therefore, the chance that they will be in Heaven, if there is a heaven, is high.
So the claim "lucky" celebrities may hold true more than we will ever know.

Who Ranks the Highest? (Who are the Yangs?)

WISE will refer to these metaphysically high ranking people simply as Yangs.
In general, Yangs have the "right stuff."

They are true winners in every way. Any good trait you can think of, they possess. They are mature, calm, cool, collected and confident.
They have a high tolerance threshold for pain.
Consequently, they have a much higher stress level than normal and consequently never get frustrated. They are the least uptight of all. They have the most well-balanced lifestyle on the planet.

They are wise, cunning and always witty. They are extremely self-resourceful, self-reliable, independent, and never ask favors from anyone; after all, they don't need anyone's help.
They know and feel other's frustrations so consequently, they are very forgiving and hold the fewest grudges. They are unbothered by trivial things. And you never have to worry about not counting on them. They are always honest and loyal. They are never tardy or forgetful of obligations.

They have the fewest personal problems / character flaws, and consequently lead the most moral, well-balanced, stable lives, have the fewest hangups, bad habits, fewest obsessions, and habitual cravings for any of life's idiosyncrasies - even food cravings. They flow through life like the majestic bald eagle. And if that's not good enough,life respects Yangs and rewards them luxuriously for their efforts. And if that's still not good enough, they are hard workers and consequently very successful and never poor, yet they are selfless, charitable, and generous.

Yangs are pillars of society. They are usually the ones responsible for clean bathrooms in schools, clean streets, nice neighborhoods, etc.

Yangs rarely fail - even when faced seemingly hopelessly insurmountable situations. The biblical proverb is true: "One with God is the majority." Bill Clinton ranks fairly high. Look at him. Here's a guy no one even heard and BOOM he's president, not for one term, but two! He also went against popular opinion with the Bosnia conflict and it turns out he made the right decision. The crisis there ended abruptly without serious consequences. See how everything they do turns to gold - not only in their own favor, but in everyone's favor.
You see the highest ranking Yangs do things for everyone. They do not have a conceited bone in them. One side note. WISE theorizes that it is because of these Yangs that the entire human race has evolved as fast as it has. Yangs are the ones that have, time and again, kept the human race from becoming another one of the billions of already extinct species. WISE goes even farther and theorizes that we are all descendants from Yangs - at least early on in human evolution.

Getting back to traits of Yangs. They lead happy and satisfied lives, and consequently age more graceful than average.

Physically, Yangs have a clean, neat appearance. Their hair is styled tidily and often kept short. Few bald or grey prematurely. Added to this, statistically, hair is straight and very manageable (i.e. Haley Joel Osment, Bob Costas).
Yangs tend to be thin, tall, and handsome. Consequently, they exert a strong presence/aura, are magnetic, dynamic, charismatic, influencive, exciting, electrifying, when a strong Yang walks into a room you'll know it ... you'll feel it. General Norman Schwartzkopf, Gene Simmons, Robin Williams, and are three strong Yangs.

As you can see from the Yang celebrities above, almost all Yangs bald and grey slowly. It's rare to see a young bald or grey haired Yang. For instance, Norman Schwarzkopf, an extremely strong Yang has very little balding or greying ... and the man is over 65 years old! Premature balding and greying is typically a Yin trait.

Even Yangs with physical shortcomings overcome their handicaps and often STILL rise above the rest of us because they are bright intellectuals who still all the right stuff minus their handicap and easily maintain the status' of these truly privileged people.

And if all this still isn't good enough, despite having "it all," Yangs are NOT arrogant. They are in fact extremely down-to-earth, even when put in dominating Yang positions even as high as Commander of the US Army, they never use their position to dominate others unfairly.

They are also extremely courageous. They have a lot to offer the world and offer it with style, flair and ease. They are responsible upstanding, regal, dignified, urbane citizens in every sense on any level. They are very selective and have discriminating tastes, taking only the best choices. They keep the best company. You will never see a yang celebrity on Jerry Springer or Bill Mayer for instance.

They are extremely talented. So talented in fact, that they can easily handle two or more tasks at once with ease.

If you're still not impressed by the qualities of a Yang, not only do these privileged Yangs have it all, but the rest of us stand on the curb and applaud them everywhere they go.

You are likely saying by now, that even Yangs have negative traits. They have their share of trait problems, but their quirks are trivial. For instance, low rankers are notorious for failed marriages, but the worst Yangs can muster is a few heated arguments throughout their entire marriages or at worst, split up for short periods. Yang's detriments pale in comparison with those who rank low.

In one sentence, General Norman Schwarzkopf would be the definition of "Yang."


(I got this from a fan on the occassion of my absence on the guitarist Top 100.)

Jan Akkerman