How to make friends



Hi Akkernutters.

Yesterday after I did the gig with the Fish (Marillion) and De Kast, a famous Dutch (Frisian) rockband for the national moving lamp (TV), I drove up to the next gig with the Rosenbergs and Laura Fygi in Eindhoven and since I never listen to popmusic on Dutch radio in the car, cause driving in Holland now is just as silly and boring as the traffic jams all day long, takes you 3 hours to cover 80 km. and old fashioned bushrobbers with cameras, etc.

So what do you do?.... Switch on the bloody "news" radio, which, sometimes to a certain extent, informs you on terrorists flying around freely or that a politician stepped with his 3rd leg into a nail or something and that's not nice when you're a nail, etc.

This time it was different, they had a discussion about manipulated genes, for example, in cabbages (!!!) and how people fear this cause they might wind up like you and me, or something in that direction.

Sometimes it's so boring, you forget to switch off the thing, but this thought kept on going thru my mind : "manipulated herings?"

Now there's something to explain here, I live in an old fishermen's village not far from Amsterdam and some things they're really famous for is fish and wooden shoes, etc., a lovely place!

There's also a big musical tradition with local bands like "the Cats", etc. and they're quite famous outside Holland too, so they told me.
The point is that Pierre and me (my old Focus chum) played almost all their records in the late 60's and that was called (still is) the "paling sound" (eel sound) cause it sounded good just like the eel tasted. But since there's a fishing quotum, (no more fishing) instituted by the European government or something, there's nothing much left for fishing, I guess, except in the music business cause that's free. Taking off in any direction so many of these people are in official places or high on the charts with the local stuff.

The other problem in that little village in Holland is, or in general, that if you create something you're good at, you're highly suspected and if you're not, they make you a suspect, imagine how that feels.

Ok, I'm on stage just soundcheckin and my theatre agent hands over the phone with somebody from the village, who's a cousin of this or that guy, which is already very hard to grab, cause they're all related somehow, somewhere, and I haven't got a clue who it is.

I tried to make a funny remark about "manipulated herings" and started a conversation about genetically manipulated herings and that they all start "singing" after a while!

One of the reasons I made that remark was that a very young local boy who sings with his fingers between the door about "mammaaaaa"!!!, this famous old Italian opera thing, which older people love in this country and in Germany, they made him "standapede" a millionaire.
The producers behind this little man are?.... of course ?, and in peoples opinions you're a good artist when the 1st million arrives for being nice and sing for grandma. Come to think of it: Sylvia, Layla, who was first?
I think, if they play this on the radio in China, they'll probably put the garbagecans out.

In my mind, I'm still soundcheckin, and not ready for anything else!
I forgot to tell the man that I previously, did a gig with a guy called "Fish" for "De Vrienden van Amstel live" for Dutch TV which was broadcasted on the 12th this month etc.and to my shame and scandal, I must admit I loved it, why? The man called "Fish" is a great performer and a great guy to hang out with and he screamed the whole joint together or apart, some in the audience started eating the chairs (just kidding, there weren"t any) and the band "De Kast" and Manuela Kemp (our TV show hostess) where banging away on stage with clothes on, like in the good old days with Brainbox, so I felt like a pig in the dirt.
Later, I did a new song with my own band called "Cotton bay" which has also something to do with the sea and is instrumental "no singing".

This man on the phone couldn't appreciate the joke (strange man).

This is how to make friends

Warm regards,

Jan Akkerman