Dear Akkernutters!


Welcome to my little site, .............................................., so far.†

I'll be working with Irene, who has done this site within a week's notice so, if you please, have a little patience, to make this site better and a success in the sense that it has more content then intent.†

I want a more adult version of my site about the music and people I like in music and why.† Thatís why I kept reactions from the British fans, cause they are heartfelt and truly know where itís all about.†

I like to thank the people who contributed to this site including Dave Randall (love to the little ones) & Mrs C.R. †

Furthermore, I'm establishing a Virtual Seminar in the year ahead with tabs/avi's/tutorials/tv station, as soon ADSL is around, which will show things I've been doing the last 45 years, even the funny ones! (No time!)

So evt. I'll get there cause I like the challenge. †

Sincerely Moi, †

Jean. A.