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Volendam disaster

Jan's Comment.

The thing that strikes me the most is *this Silence screaming at me* in the village of Volendam. I never thought that something could affect me so much.

I had a conversation in my local pub (I run out of tobacco) with the man who had to set-up this aid program, he said to me:? how can you be so laconic/phlegmatic under these circumstances"? I answered him that I walk around with a lump in my throat for the last 4 days but it?s hard to tell on the outside, I guess.

I said to him, I always keep a reserve or ambivalence towards interfering in local matters or get involved in emotional feelings people have about this or that, cause I never can tell if I hurt someone or somebody with MY expertise or opinion and one can never, ever, feel someone else?s pain and grieve, especially in this case.

And God knows, I do have an opinion, and not only God knows that.

It?s not a lack of feelings but I think, to keep my emotions under restraint is civilisation (what a word, but I haven?t got another one at the moment) and of more help and to get down and help these people.

I said to him that I could start crying on the spot cause that?s another thing that happens constantly, tears keep coming up, thinking about these beautiful children, but I told him I would not help anyone with that, nor myself or whom or what, to stand next to him and start crying.... he agreed.

We talked on for a while about the Internet and he said he?d just opened a news site and appreciate reactions on the Volendam website, that?s done quickly by Irene who?s programming my site.

I wished him strength cause the next day he had to meet eye to eye with the parents.

It?s on the ceremonial page with a sermon by Gary Brady who?s a huge music fan and through that medium I met him after my concerts through the UK last year

Gary sometimes comments in the guest book about my music or the religious elements in my music, which is true but I don?t belong to a particular club, in that sense that I?m universally interested in religion but I don?t see myself dressed up in (here we go again) nah, forget it.

Nonetheless, I do believe in the words spoken by the prophets and Jesus himself, not what people make out of it but what *the Man* said!

So that?s the reason for it to be there in the hope that someone finds comfort in this sermon.

We?ve made a link to the local authorities and news update page and about the Volendam ways of direct help towards the affected. (At the bottom of the main page)

With the deepest respect for the parents, friends and to everyone affected by this incomprehensible drama.

I take my bow and light a Soul candle.

That all, that is taught to believe in, to my children and all the children of the world ,is good enough for me to believe in, despite: 'Tears in Heaven' but if I understand this right , 'tears are taken away from every eye' of children first and then the ones that believe 'the Man'

Jesus, what a mess..

Jan Akkerman