The Japanese Tour - November 2006


Hi there!

Because I'm too busy to write a whole new editorial, just a photo impression of the short Japan Tour that I did with de boys of my band: Wilbrand Meischke (bass), Marijn van de Berg (drums), (papa) Coen Molenaar (keys) and soundengineer Neil Denholm.

Band members Marijn, Wilbrand and Coen at a trainstation in Osaka

Wake up little Sushi (Osaka)

Little Willy and the big lobster (Osaka)

Tourmanager Kana, a great person who always helped us out (Nagoya)

Doorknob at the 'Love Hotel' in Nagoya

There is also a videoclip of a signature session in Nagoya

Tokyo, city of 40 million people

Wilbrand trying to play the stone big bass at the club terrace

Soundcheck in club SBT 139  Rappongi, Tokyo

Signature session in Tokyo

Coen's forehead in Tokyo

Black dressed man with his Black Beauty

Homeward bound: Marijn, Coen and Neil are tired but satisfied

Tour flyer

CU soon Japan!


Jan Akkerman

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