About liberation of people and minds


Last UK Tour was great, with or without football.
Paul (Barrington) is an absolute ace, what a guy! I owe him a lot, he certainly contributed to a great tour.
The atmosphere was relaxed and the overall ticketsale was not bad and it was bloody HOT!
Really enjoyed myself talking to the people and meeting old friends.
The new CU music was well received, I could tell by the great reaction from the audience.
I want to thank Coen, Willy and Marijn of my band and Neil my soundman, they were amazing!

It was great to play in the London Underworld on 6-6, the date of D-Day, now 60 years ago.
At the first gigs of this tour I told the people overthere, that I'm still grateful and that the British soldiers played an important part in the liberation of Europe in those days (still do).

At Mr Kyps in Poole I was announced as: 'Foreign Johnny'. During that show I told the audience that if it wasn't for the liberation by their ancestors, I'd probably still be asking for to the toilet.(right or left hand up? I don't know).
After the gig, this lady (reminding me a bit of Yvette from Allo, allo) with a sweet personality, came to me and told me that she experienced my music as some sort of liberation too.
Her father died 2 years ago and he was also one of the liberators of D-Day 1944. He'd told her that the Dutch were the lovelyest people in all of Europe. I was so pleased and proud of what I was doing overthere, that I was emotioned by this and felt immediately liberated from the mixed feelings that I had, before leaving Holland for the UK.

After the concert, the man that called me 'Foreign Johnny', had obviously changed his mind (thank God), he thought I was smart, or clever or whatever people mean by that.
Mr Kyps invited me to stay to watch the footballmatch together, but I had to turn down his offer, because I had a gig in Wolverhampton (The Robin 2 on the 13th of June, when England had to play) otherwise I certainly would have stayed and supported the English team.
As the saying goes:"It ain't much, if it ain't British or Dutch".

All's well that ends well, so to speak.



PS: During the occupation of '40-'45 our parents danced to this type of MUSIC

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