Ideas are more important than churches


It started all with a gig somewhere in Holland a city called Breda were DJ Ronald Molendijk was gigging after my band with my keyboard man Jeroen Rietbergen and Michel van Schie playing the bass in the band called “Soulvation”(that rings a bell).

What I heard coming out of the P.A. was awesome and I could hear some Gtar on that, luckily Jeroen and Ronald did too, so a few month later after some gigs in the very experimental corner with some severe jazzers and some real dance events, Ronald and moi decided that playing rhythm on the Gtar was my thing and that asked for a CD in that direction.

So later, I found myself in the recording studio (nice old fashioned) with Jeroen and Ronald, who are responsible for the incredible swinging background on this CD, in a way that it sounds natural, warm and unbelievably tight (of course). The playing that Jeroen does on the backing tracks is very warm, relaxed and grooving like nobody’s business.

Willy’s bass blow job is unbelievable, if they invent something nicer please keep playing the way you do, just for fun.

Last but not least: “bassist” Michel van Schie, mixed and played the fills on the drums like he’d never done anything else.

IT swings and IT grooves. IT gives a horse the hic-ups!



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