All that Jazz - and some burning rock too!


For many years I am playing my music, but nowadays its called jazz. So here we go with a reggae piece” This sense of humour is typical Jan’s to break the tension in this London Jazz Café. And tension there was! Jan was well received by the audience, if everybody was seated this would have been a standing ovation.

Then Jan played this easy-go laid back reggae for Tiku, who managed to get Jan’s car back which was taken by the police due to parking it too long.

We got into a real jazzy mood with Jan’s new rendition of an old tune, Heavy Treasure. Jan again demonstrated here his awesome technical ability, and there was a great solo from Jeroen Rietbergen. How nice to have a keyboard-player back in the band, it goes so well with Jans guitar sound.

After this it was time for some old fashioned jamming in Milestones’ from the master of Jazz, Mr. Miles Davis. Would this really be an All That Jazz-concert? Drummer Ton Dijkman showed in his solo that there was some real rock in the house. Again Jan played a delicate jazzy ballad, no title – definitely new stuff. How much I admire Jans ballads – Puccinis Café or Prima Donna and now this one, what a feeling there is in this music! To complete this jazz set, Jan played The Zebra’ and as usual he included that famous Hocus Pocus lick, this lick which made everybody happy’as Jan likes to put it. And it does make everybody happy. Even me, after seeing and hearing this so many times in Holland. Hocus Pocus – there is some real magic going on. In the long second set Jan was completely at ease with this jazz-orientated audience, we were wrong footed. On a tennis court the linesman would have called: foot-fault!”However, Jan never plays this music game by the rules: the laid back jazzy mood of the first set, was completely gone. Jan was ready to rock: he played Focus stuff (Tommy, No Hang Ups) blues (Mercy, Mercy, Mercy of Joe Zawinul, is still Jans favourite) and some stuff that is really Jans (Piétons and Crackers).

Oh, yeah youre right this is the Jazz Café, however according to Jan’s second set this was the Jazz Café! As if Jan had to set the record straight, he turned the venue into a heavy house of rock. The gig was getting heavier, better as it went along. Many people have missed Jan playing at his peaks, as they have to pick means of public transport. Late that Monday night on May 14th, it was certainly not Jazz that was played despite the venue. This was Akkerman music in its pure form, a strongly blended mixture of styles which makes one happy and speechless.

Bas van den Berg