The power of a dream


Akkerwebbers (nutters)!

Soon after my performance at Schiphol (Amsterdam Airport), I received a request of a foundation called 'De Opkikker' (The Boost) that tries to fulfill heart's desires of children with a terminal illness or something like that. In this particular case there was this boy called Wander. It was his fondest wish to make a cd with moi (J.A. at V.) and he was wandering how this could be achieved, etc.
The people of 'De Opkikker' started making some phone calls and finally they found a recording studio in Oosterhout, the town where my compadre Kaz Lux has lived.
So I went there and also to Kaz home (I don't have a navigation system in my car.)
Kaz reacted kind of surprised when he saw me, because at the last gig, while I was on stage, he'd be talking bullshit to my wife Marian, about me behaving like a brute at a tour and doing anything that God had forbidden.
So how bad could things get, right!
But okay, I had been acting like a brute indeed, so all is forgiven and forgotten!
Actually I only came to ask for the right road. So Kaz drove in front of me for a while, to that cabin, called studio 'De Wisselaar'.
Two very nice people who put their studio at our disposal for free on this particular occasion (coffee, tea, lemonade, everything!)
These things also happen in The Netherlands!!!
So grandpa, grandma, the family, etc., all were present at the recording session.
Just dear people, with only one thing in mind, what will become of this?
We played Wander's compositions ('Moments', The power is and Ann) for three quarters of an hour.
Fellow composers were Luuk and Marinke Paulissen.
So finally we did the recordings, I must admit that it was not an easy thing to do, because I had to deal with quite a few cultural holds.
But only the final results matter and they were really great!
This little 15 year old man had done some fine preparations (on lyrics and music), and I must admit not in the least in an unmusical way. That's rather splendid, isn't it? He came to a concert with The Rosenberg Trio in Naaldwijk to give me the cd. I noticed him sitting in the audience during the concert and waved at him for a while. Afterwards I also talked to his mum and dad. I got the impression that he must have thought that I took everything for granted after that recording or something like that!
None of this is true, I'm occupied with things of my own and if an egg is being laid, it will come to my knowledge sooner or later.
I mean: 'un oeuf est un oeuf' (an egg is an egg). I asked Wander if he would enjoy the idea of putting his music on the Internet.
Yes, he did, but in that case only the first piece, because he did not ask the others for their permission to possibly publish a common piece (talking about civilization.)
Now here's this mp3 file called 'Moments' which is sung by Wander, Luuk and Marinke.
You can just download it and listen to the skills of this boy, handicapped or not. (Wander sits in a wheel chair, but plays the guitar just as if there's nothing wrong with him. He then sits on a chair, during 3 or 4 hours, without a break).
I just mean to say, that the power of a dream can never be underrated! So this is dedicated to Wander Gubler, his parents, relatives and friends.

Thanks and all the best. Jan Akkerman
Guitarist at V.
Translation by Irene Heinicke