Guitar Festival - Ullapool



In October I went to the Ullapool guitar festival in Scotland.
What a beautiful place and what a fantastic weekend.
The weather was great so I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning sightseeing. The scenery in this part of Scotland is amazing.

Then on Sunday night I went with Jim Higgins and Lloyd & Olivia Clark to see Jan's set at the Ullapool Guitar Festival.
This time around he played the Wildflower Suite, the Central Station suite, a Focus Medley (including Sylvia, Hocus Pocus, Anonymous, 'Love Remembered' and 'Soft Focus'), 'No Wonder', 'Montego', 'For Django' (which was superb) and a song called 'La chanson des vieux amants' by Jacques Brel which is truly beautiful.

After the show we went to the Ullapool Guitar Club for a few drinks and a chat with Jan.
Later in the evening he got up and, using a borrowed Telecaster, played four songs with the 'house band' including 'Willin' by Lowell George and a 'Johnny B Goode soundalike'. I can't remember the other two songs (too much organic cider) but Jan's playing 'brought the house down'. He rocked it up; Then he played a beautiful solo in the 'violin' style and, during Willin', he played a 'country' style solo. Yee Haw. He seemed to enjoy himself a lot. I think 'In and Out of Focus' was the last 'Telecaster' outing so it was a treat to see this.

Review & photos: Leigh Woolford