Jan solo acoustic

Guitar festival, Stamford, UK - 11/12-6-2005


I managed to see both the Stamford shows last weekend.
The shows were excellent (of course) and Jan weaved his magic through a lot
of tunes in a short amount of time. I remember hearing Suite 1 and most of
Suite 2 from Passion/Live at the Priory (the Central Station part was
excellent). I also remember hearing Tranquiliser, Focus IV (Soft Focus),
Sylvia, Hocus Pocus, Quiet Storm, Le Clochard and many other snippets too. I
am also sure I heard bits of Autumn Leaves and Firenze. There was also a
Focus medley which sounds similar to the one in Barcelona, Spain. As he was
only playing 45 minutes each night I think he tried to compress as many
tunes as possible into the set.

It has been a while since I saw an acoustic show and I found it very moving,
even more so than usual! Jan plays with such emotion I cannot help but be

I have included a photograph of our group so you can put some names to
faces. From left to right they are Jonny Keegan, Sandy Keegan, Lloyd, Jim
Higgins, Olivia, Dave Shannon, Jan (holding the single "She thaught me how to yodel"), me, Sally and Charlie. We have met up at lots of Jan's shows and we always try to stay in the same places and eat (and drink) together. Everyone in the picture (plus some others) went on Jan's Irish acoustic tour a few years ago and had a great time.

Review + photos: Leigh Woolford