The Robin 2 - Wolverhampton


UK TOUR 2004

The Jan Akkerman Band

Marijn van den Berg


Coen Molenaar


Wilbrand Meischke


Jan and Coen Molenaar

I really enjoyed hearing the CU stuff live. It sounded fantastic and I loved every song, especially Slow Man, See You, Blowing and Urbanstring. The band also did some great versions of the 'oldies'. Hocus Pocus was very similar to the US single version that is on the Focus Greatest Hits CD (Jan played the yodelling part on the guitar and it sounded great) and Tommy included a fantastic jam in the middle section.
Musically, all the nights were excellent but I think I enjoyed the Robin 2 the best as Jan was on fire. He played some amazing things and seemed 'in the mood'!



Photos - Leigh Woolford