Half Moon - Putney


UK TOUR 2008


On 7th April 2008, Putney’s “Half Moon” provided overwhelming confirmation that if you want beautiful and exciting music, delivered with super-human guitar virtuosity, then Jan Akkerman is the man! Jan, and his extremely talented band, held the audience in thrall with a rich and varied programme, and the buzz increased exponentially through the evening. I’ve never known a Jan Akkerman gig to be anything less than superb, but this one was really dazzling! Excellent sound and lighting added to the intensity of the experience.

The programme included:
Tranquillizer, Streetwalker, Answers Questions, Anonymous, Focus 2, You Do Something To Me, Tommy, Hocus Pocus, On The Table/Sylvia, Urban String and Piétons.

Jan’s magnificent solo lines were, as always, incredibly well structured, exciting and delivered with little more effort than glancing at a wrist watch! His Les Paul Black Beauty provided the characteristic, resonant “voice” so loved by his fans, and Jan even included tremolo techniques to deliver the vocal parts of “Hocus Pocus” and “Sylvia”.

“Tommy”, kindly played as a special request, was a notable example of how Jan spontaneously adds beautiful new twists and lines with ease and taste with every performance. His playing has always been on my wavelength and, thankfully, Jan graces us with exciting new music and a UK tour every year.

Review: Steve Moore
Photos: Clive Woodley