Impressions of Jan's November 2002 UK Tour



Took my daughter to see the jan akkerman band at the point in Cardiff last night brilliant performance as usual you have got another generation tuned in to your music (patti pavilion sound is a lot better)also closer to port talbot
we hope to see you again in near future.
David Jones

At last after more than quarter of a century Jan was back playing in Scotland
and he really did rock the boat!
From beginning to end the audience loved it and he showed them that he is still
The Man.
On a personal note thanks a million for my presentation. I had no idea that was going to happen. I was completely taken by surprise, totally stunned, and absolutely thrilled to bits!!!
Jim Higgins

First UK gig for me started in Cardiff. An old converted church. The sound was a pain for Neil, reverbs everywhere but a few great numbers, with the "Zebra" trotting to the top (cant get enough of that tune). Onto Sheffield, nice venue,great sound, band chilled out and "blues Roots" was special. Then a long drive to Glasgow (Time for a J.A.sleasy jet i think!) to a converted boat! Great crowd, electric atmosphere and Jan at his humorous best (abandon sheeep! Willy caught yodeling!). Great solos from the new drummer and Willy and superb improvisation from Coen when Jan broke a string. Olivia really loved the rock feel to this gig, boogieing to most of it.Stealth and Millennium shone out as the new Gtar got better and better as jan weaved from the Flintstones to Streetwalker. Then a truly heart warming moment as Jan presented a "Free gig for life certificate" ,to Jim Higgins, true appreciation from Jan to a great fan who is Guaranteed to turn up anywhere! As Jan Hasn't mastered the art of drinking a pint, talking and playing at the same time(yet)can the venues please get drink extensions next time!
E-mail Lloyd Clark

Just a thank you for the Birkenhead gig (what a respectable and quiet place!). Even what was old was new (?). Enjoyed it immensely, although I was slightly thrown by everything running so early. I thought Marijn was excellent and I enjoyed Willi slapping more.
PS That new album????
Gary Brady

Rarely do I participate in guestbooks or website bulletin boards, but
the adrenaline is still pumping through my veins after seeing you last
night aboard the 'Renfrew Ferry' in Glasgow!!
I have been a fan since early days, and to my disbelief you seem to be
getting better with age! I have always loved the courage and
unpredictability of your playing, and it was marvellous to be there and
watch a great band who were obviously having a ball.
Please come back to Scotland soon.
Tim Lawrence.

The new drummer of the JA band: Marijn van den Berg and bassplayer Wilbrand Meischke

Photo's: Clive Woodley