Gitane "Jean" Akkerman



Dear visitors of my website,

It makes me very proud to present... the best thing that happened at the Frankfurter Messe in the last 100 years and certainly the last 35 years.... for me! The Saga/Gitane: Modèle "Jean" Akkerman, presented at that very Messe on March 14th 2008.
After years of experimenting with this genre Gtar in various forms, like the Saga D500/DG 255.

I choose this model as in the picture as final and the result is stunning and of rare beauty. The only thing you have to do is embrace the Gtar and work on it like a busy little bee, because this instrument is easy to play... if you know how to.
It’s also a homage to the greatest European Gtar-player of all times: "Jean Baptist Reinhardt" (1910-1953) and that’s why I baptized the Gtar: "Jean" Akkerman, and if I’m not mistaken a lot of fans would recognize the name J(e)an because there’s only 3 million of ‘em.

Between my heart and hands lies my Gtar called: Modèle "Jean" Akkerman. The first 200 have my signature.