Beaufort Theatre - Ebbw Vale


UK TOUR 2004


Jan and his Gibson L5

As Isaid in the forum of Ebbw Vale was my favourite J.A. gig ever last
it's this year!!!
The sound was awesome, (ta Neil) the band played there socks off. Slow man, Urban Strings, Blowing, how can I choose a favourite track when it was soooooo good! Drum solos, bass, keyboard solos, improvisations galore, this gig had it all! And everyone had fun.The Beaufort Theatre had better build an extension for next year!

Wilbrand Meischke and Jan

Just returned from the Ebbw Vale gig. What a fabulous evening. He broke 3 strings this evening, but still managed to carry on !!!! He seemed very much at ease, and the audience thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Jan seemed really pleased to be with us. It was a privilege to be there. Good news, I spoke him very briefly with afterwards, and he promised that he would be back next year. Yipeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!

Coen Molenaar

I enjoyed Ebbw Vale as it is my 'home' gig and 5 of my friends came along to see the show, three of them for the first time ever. All of them thought it was amazing and bought CD's and T-shirts. There were 10 of us in total sitting in the very front, plus Dolly the inflatable sheep.

Marijn van den Berg and Jan



Photos: Leigh Woolford