This was Jan's first group with whom he recorded his first singles (from 1958 to 1964)
The original line-up is featured in the photo below, from left to right - Jan Akkerman (guitar), Cor Engelsma (bass), Jan Burgers (2nd guitar), Pierre van der Linden (drums).

The chap in the front is Jan's younger brother,
(the late) Jacob (a.k.a. Cocky) Akkerman.


Cor Engelsma playing the star bass (that Jan cut out of a table), Jan Burgers and Jan himself.

Here your chance to download their
first hitsingle:
Melody in F Rock

"Open air concert" in front of a bike shed (rijwielstalling) in Amsterdam
Cor Engelsma (on the starbass) and
Jan Akkerman.

The stage was an open lorry. Left to right: Pierre (face not visible), Cor, Jan A. and Jan B.
Jan's brother Cocky sits in front on the wooden stairs, also dressed as a band member.

On stage in another line up.
Left to right: Jan A., Hans Kuit (grandpiano), Pierre, Jan B. and Cor. Distribution or commercial use strictly forbidden.


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