Borderline - London


UK TOUR 2007

“Perfection” (and beyond!)

In past reviews I have remarked that Jan Akkerman’s playing seems to get even better with each gig. His performance at London’s “The Borderline” on 11th May 2007 was no exception, and the only way I can deal with this is to successively upgrade my definition of “perfection”.

Throughout his career Jan has explored and mastered a range of musical styles and paths. His performances are, now more than ever, rich in the character, sound and pyrotechnics that his fans have always loved and known him for.

As he took the stage at The Borderline, Jan joked that he was keeping his hat on because (as his audience who had queued outside already knew) it was raining!

Having opened with “I’m In The Mood”, Jan then treated us to a selection of exquisitely re-worked Focus numbers. (Focus II, Anonymous and House Of The King). This was followed by Tranquillizer, Hocus Pocus, Sylvia, Streetwalker, Blues Route and Paul Weller’s beautiful composition - You Do Something to Me.

Throughout the evening Jan and his excellent band turned in a rich, dynamic and highly impressive performance. It was a delight to see such a range of age groups held in thrall as the guitar sang so commandingly, expressively and beautifully in the hands of “the master”.

I had previously asked Jan whether he might put out a CD capturing his recent live performances. The newly released CD “Live 2007” now available is just what the doctor ordered! Beautifully recorded, it is the finest, most potent mixture of Jan’s music in my collection. His characteristic guitar sound is prominent and dazzling on every track. The orchestrated version of “Tranquillizer “ is beautiful, and features one of Jan’s rich, soaring solos. The majestic “House Of The King” has a delightful funky oriental twist, and “You Do Something To Me ” is truly awesome in its contrasting intensity and smouldering subtlety.

Don’t miss this CD!

Review: Steve Moore
Photos: Clive Woodley