UK Tour 2005

The Robin Hood - Bilston 23-3-2005


Review 1:

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the concert last night at The Robin.

The audience were slow to respond at the beginning, but rapidly got into the groove. Notable was the rapport between Jan and his bass player Wilbrand Meischke, both clearly respect the others ability, but there are no ego clashes. It sounds passe to say that the band seemed to be enjoying themselves, but the sense of each of them saying to the other "where the heck did that come from?" was always there,
despite guitar problems and a string breakage, Jan played with energy and momentum. Marijn van den Berg's sterling contribution on drums was at times breathtaking mixing strong sustained tempo with counter rhythms. Coen Molenaar's work on keyboards was melodic and provided atmospheric interludes. His solos were just great, and the sound of that Rhodes piano was crystalline.

I had lost contact with Jan's post Focus work appart from listening to Tabernakel, I think now that I prefer this rejuvenated - though definitely not juvenile, stuff. Many of the audience - like myself, were guitarists. We could not help fixing on that variety of techniques particularly the 'violining' - the deft use of the little finger winding the volume on just prior to the beat, no cheating with a pedal - he was using that for other tonal posibilities. Sorry, Im drifting into anorac territory here!

There is genius, and there is soul - he has both in spades. When are you coming
again Jan?

I just wanted to say thanks.
Ed Purkis


Review 2:

I haven't missed a Jan Akkermann gig at The Robin (1 or 2) for four years, but the one on 23 March was probably the best I've seen.
Looking relaxed and entirely at home, Jan had clearly decided to opt for the jazzier stylings of the "In the Mood" tour rather than the dance beats of "C.U.".
Much of the material sounded the better for it, with "Cotton Bay", "Streetwalker","In the Mood" itself and "Slow Man" being particular standouts.
The sequencer was, however, effectively used "Kloenk" and "Urbanstring" and the latter was especially impressive.
There was also a greater presence of Focus tunes in the set, which always pleases the Wolverhampton crowd.
The smiles and nods that passed between the band showed that they were all obviously enjoying the music as much as we were and underlined their first class musicianship. It is a tribute to them all to say that they made it look effortless.

Thanks for a fantastic evening's entertainment,

Jan; see you next year.
Nigel Price


Review 3:

I went along to the Robin Hood gig in Bilston and it was a great show. One of those nights when the band are really on top form. You could see from the fun they were having that they like playing at this venue.



Also, Molly the sheep (Dolly's cousin) sang for us us during the interval!
Leigh Woolford

(all photo's also made by Leigh)