Jan Akkerman Band Live

2 September 2000

Bergen Jazz & Sail 2000 Festival,
(in front of) Café Taverne, Bergen

Jan Akkerman
- Gibson L5, Framus Jan Akkerman, Waterland Custom
Wilbrand Meischke - Bass
Jeroen Rietbergen - Hammond Portable Organ, Korg Synthesizer
Ton Dijkman - Drumworkshop drums and percussion

Sandra Saupala - Congas, Tablas
Jan Dulles - Vocals


1st set (45 min.):
· UEFA Cup
· Pietons
· Streetwalker
· Mercy Mercy Mercy
2nd set (60 min.):
· Am I Losing You
· The World Is Rated X
· Black Man
· Summertime
· Dark Rose
· Crazy Circles
· In Time
· If You Want Me To Stay
3rd set (35 min.):
· Milestones
· No Hang Ups
· Red Pool House Blues
· Give You All The Love

This was going to be one whole of a surprise gig. Jan was going to perform with one of Hollands best percussionists Sandra Saupala and a young singer from Volendam called
Jan Dulles.

When I arrived at the very cosy location, I noticed that his steady band would be the solid backing for tonights setlist. Starting off at 10 PM with one of the new songs (UEFA Cup), Jeroen Rietbergen showed his virtuousity on keyboards (wonderful electronic piano) and Jan first picked up his new Waterland Custom, just before switching to Gibson L5 later on in this song.

The rest of the first set contained excellent versions of Pietons, Streetwalker (while the rain was very heavy and the place was filled with umbrellas !) and Mercy Mercy Mercy. Sandra Saupala was integrated wonderfully in this line-up and she clearly enjoyed it, although she wasnt prepared at all to perform during this first set, but only during the second.

Jan D. and Jan A. (both from V.)

The second set started off with one of the best versions of Am I Losing You I have ever heard. Was it the perfect ambience, or just the warm intensity of the new-build Framus JA guitar Tons drumming and Jeroens organ were very powerful and solid too. After this starter, Jan Dulles was introduced to join the rest of the band. Looking at the setlist, the choice for the songs was suprising. Some funky stuf like Stevie Wonders Black Man, The World is Rated X, Crazy Dircles, along with two Brainbox classics Summertime and Dark Rose. Especially these songs were wonderfully received by the audience (which was there in an amount of 400 or 500). Jan D.s voice was like a cross between Marvin Gaye and Kaz Lux (OK, forgive me for this comparison !)
After another break, Jan continued to play with the whole band a couple of more songs as a 3rd set (including the underrated classic No Hang Ups). Jan Dulles returned to the stage for the last song of the evening, which was Mothers Finests Give You All The Love.
And, so, after more than 3 hours, the gig came to an end and we all agreed that this was another one-of-a-kind-gig from the Akkergang. The audience liked it, and Jan Dulles mentioned that this was actually the first time he performed with all these people on stage. So it certainly was a fantastic night to remember.

Review by Wouter Bessels.
Photo's made by Marije Hoekstra and Daniël de Wit.