De Kleine Komedie, Amsterdam

24 & 25 September 2000

Jan Akkerman & The Rosenberg Trio Live

24 & 25 September 2000

From left to right: Nonnie, Nous'che, Jan and Stochelo

Line-up :
JAN AKKERMAN - Gibson L5 Custom
(Jan played ?Milestones? on the Waterland Custom during the first night in Amsterdam)
NOUS?CHE ROSENBERG - Rhythm guitar
DANIEL DE LOPEZ OYAS - Double bass (only in Zaandam)
NEIL DENHOLM - Sound engineer

1st set (50 min.):
Solo suite (based upon C.S. and Wildflower)
Am I Losing You
Heavy Treasure
Puccinis Café
DJan gology
2nd set (55 min.):
Swing 42
Limehouse Blues
The Zebra
After Youve Gone
My Pleasure - Straight Life
encore : Piétons

After two gigs in Middelburg and Eindhoven, Jan and the Rosenbergs performed two nights at one of Amsterdam?s nicest venues De Kleine Komedie. In the same week, Jan also performed in Zaandam, at the new Zaantheater, where Wilbrand was temporarily replaced by bassist Daniel de Lopez Oyas.

The first set is Jan?s set, in which he performs a selection of some of his best works, also in the style and atmosphere of the whole evening. Bebop, gypsy-swing, etc. Starting with a solo suite on the Gibson L5, Jan melts songs like C.S., Wildflower, Bird Island and Just Because as the perfect introduction to Am I Losing You, for which Ton and Wilbrand enter the stage.

Next song was the highlight of especially the first night at the Kleine Komedie. A composition that Jan hadn?t play in this form for 15 years or so : Heavy Treasure. Now with Ton and Wilbrand, it is more like a jazzy shuffle, compared to the rock ?n? roll swing version in the ?guitarsynth?-ages. The version now is much more relaxed and contains a slightly different melody around the main theme of the song.
During the next song Milestones, the speed is at its maximum, especially at the gig in Zaandam ! Last song that the trio performs is the always beautiful Puccini?s Café, a song I rate among Jan?s best.

For the next song, Jan introduces Stochelo Rosenberg, for a song that Stochelo learned to play in five minutes : Floatin?. Another live-favourite from the past and the arrangement for both solo guitarists is very well done.

The last song before the break is D?Jan?Gology, for which Nous?che Rosenberg is introduced as ?one of the most underrated guitarists? and to play along as rhythm guitarist. Compared to the previous tour when Jan premiered this composition, D?Jan?Gology is now more melodic and diverse. A subtile ending to a perfectly build up first set.

For the first half of the second set, the complete Rosenberg Trio plays a set of five standards, including a couple of Django Reinhardt composions. During the second night in Amsterdam, the setlist was a bit turned around, to introduce Stochelo?s younger brother Mozes on solo guitar and Nous?che?s young nephew Daniel on rhythm guitar during the songs Oléo and Limehouse Blues. What a great collaboration, and suddenly it was the Rosenberg Quintet! The audience was very impressed by the excellent playing of the both young members of the Rosenberg family.

From left to right: Nous'che, Nonnie, Daniel, Moses and Stochelo Rosenberg

After the Rosenberg set, Jan re-entered the stage again to play Zebra, After You?ve Gone and My Pleasure with them. Ton joined them on drums for the latter two songs and for My Pleasure, both Nonnie and Wilbrand played double bass, so the rhythm section was at its maximum for that song. The interaction especially between Jan and Stochelo is so great to view and both players stimulate each other to higher registers.
As an encore, Jan?s country blues Pietons was played, with that famous lick that even got Stochelo up from his chair and Nous?che, who was asked to yodel this time? !!!
I can conclude that the combination of Jan Akkerman and The Rosenberg Trio is more than a logical one. Both Jan and the Rosenbergs have added something extra to each others? material and it all melts together perfectly. And this is only the beginning of the tour?..!

Review by Wouter Bessels
Thanks to Bas van de Berg and Irene Heinicke